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Name: Myranda or MJ<<< That's usually what I go by
Birthday: 2-28-89
Age: 15 but I'll be 16 in 9 days Wo0t! Wo0t!
Location: Georgia...blah!

Ever gotten your heart broken? yes..but they came back and you know what they say "if you love them let them go, and if they come back then they truely are yours" and he is all mine.
Ever break a heart? yes but you would have too. He's SUPER stalker-ish and any of you would have gotten out as fast as I did too!
Ever use or get used by someone? nope can't say that I have.
Ever cheat, or get cheated on? Yes. Both. And both make me sad
Ever been with someone of the same sex? nope.

Opinions on:
AIDs and other STDs: I don't think AIDs or STDs are cool. At all. If we are going to get serious, then you are going to get checked. Point blank. I'm not bargining with the rest of my life because your pants are eager.
Teen sex: Me personaly, I'm still a virgin. When I was little my mom posioned my mind with those Lifetime movies, so teenage pregnancy isn't going to be a problem with me. If and when I do it, it will be with someone really special. I'm not planning on waiting till I get married though.

Abortion: So not cool. It's understandable if you were raped or something, but if you just don't want it then NO. You did it so deal. Don't kill a baby cause your too not stupid to NOT HAVE SEX or to wear a condom. If anything put it up for adoption. Then atleast it will have a good home.
Church and State separation: Okay if  I wanted to be lectured about god I would have gone to that kind of school. But I didn't so I think people like that need to leave me the hell alone!
Gay Marriage: Totally for it. If your in love then your in love. You can't help who you love, and you shouldn't be faulted for it. Anykind of love is beautiful.
Bulimia: Not healthy. But who am I to be the one to say if it's right or wrong. I don't know how those people are feeling, I don't think it's healthy but I would never judge someone because of it.
P.E.T.A.: I don't know what that means. If someone wants to tell me I'd be happy to answer the question though.
AIM typing ex: lyke dis; brb g2g ttyl: SOOO stupid. I hate it. I KNOW people know how to speak correctly, so why can't they TYPE correctly?? it's beyond me. Stupid fad and it should die.

Favs, and Ways:
10 Favorite bands: Taking back sunday, Finch, Die like able, Fall out boy, Bright eyes, From Autum to Ashes, Norma Jean, Everytime I die, Hawthorn Heights
5 Favorite books: ANYTHING by Stephen king--He's my god
5 Favorite TV shows: Sex and the City, Real World, Fairly Oddparents (Cosmo rox), Dawsons creek,
5 Favorite movies: Detriot rock city, Donnie Darko, Elf, Dude wheres my car, The breakfast club
5 ways you deal with a heartache/break: Eat lots of icecream. Cry for hours and hours. Talk to my friends about how much of a jerk he is. Try to convience myself I'm better than him. Write songs or poems.

at least 2 pictures:

 I'm on the right

 me =]

Horrible picutres I know. I'm getting a digital camera for my b-day, so I will put better and sooner updated ones if i get excepted.
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