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Okay well I'm going to leave a community as a mod, and just as a member totally. So the first person who wants my job, leave a comment, or IM me eyesx4xliars. Sorry you guys. love you anyways. <3 *hug* BYE BYE.

This is the new LJ name

Hey everyone

This is Coleen trendy_mic_grab. I got a new LJ name, I already did the updating of the communty, so you guys can add this name to your friends list. If you need to contact me on anything, eyesx4xliars is my sn. BTW anyone that hasn't been added to the accepted or rejected list let me know please? Comment! BTW I updated the application, added questions, and 2 new opinions! You don't have to redo it, but as soon as I get home I will because I can lol.
Sweet dreams everyone, mucho love!
<3 xxoo

One of your loving mods,
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Hey fellow communty members!

Long time no talk sorry I've been swamped with work lately. I'm check the applications now, and giving out the acceptions, and rejections. So I'll give an updated list on my next post from my new name, when I figure out what it's gonna be. As for the question of the week:

Favorite depression food?

Love always
Mod - Coleen! *hugs* <- hugs are awesome
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well, i have to say good bye for a wile. by the end of this week (maybe even sooner) i wont have acomputer...due to the fact that my dads moving out....

illmiss you all.

<3 allways




Hey people, go down a entry past the girl who doesnt know how to read directions and vote on that application. It has no votes yet.
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