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Name: courtney
Birthday: january 22nd
Age: 16
Location: new jersey

Opinions on:
AIDs and other STDs: they made protection for a reason. but i do have sympathy for those who didn't know their partner had AIDS or STDS..but still, be informed before being sexually active.
Teen sex: i'm not against it. and i don't believe you have to be in love either to have sex. you could have strong feelings for someone or are just be horny. it's YOUR life..just be aware of different consequences.
Abortion: this is a tough topic. i'm not for it or against it. i don't know how it feels since i've never been put in that situation. but everyones situation is different and for the most part have their reasons for doing so.
Church and State separation: i'm going to guess this means divorce? well i think it should be allowed because we all make mistakes in why should you have to stay with someone you lost feelings for..or someone who isn't loyal to you.
Gay Marriage: well if your from the united states..we supposly live in "the home of the FREE" therefore there shouldn't be all this political drama over it. it's an marriage and shouldn't be treated any differently than a male and female getting married.
Bulimia: i've been there, and it's a hard battle to fight. if you go seek medical help and see a pyschologist, most likely you will overcome your problem. if you don't try either of the two...your a complete idiot.
The current Presidential election: i personally don't like either of them because politics are just full of bull and lies. if i had to choose though i'd go with Bush just because i thought he did a decent job and i don't think Kerry's a strong enough person to lead this country.

Favs, and Ways:
10 Favorite bands: bright eyes, pretty girls make graves, the aquabats, hawthrone heights, atreyu, a static lullaby, avenged sevenfold, guns n' roses, underoath and alexisonfire
5 Favorite books: lovely bones, pure, to kill a mockingbird, stargirl and a child called it
5 Favorite TV shows: i rarely watch tv...but i guess daria, CSI, law and order, true life and sadly..the news
5 Favorite movies: say anything, better off dead, breakfast club, drop dead gorgeous, clockwork orange
5 ways you deal with a heartache/break: i cry alot, write lyrics and music, play my guitar, go surfing and go to the beach late at night to rethink everything

at least 2 pictures:

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