Cayla (icepixie_4) wrote in breaks_n_maybes,

Name: Cayla
Birthday: 10/04/90
Age: 14
Location: GC, michigan

Opinions on:
AIDs and other STDs: if you get um, and still want to do stuff. then you shoudl tell the person about it. that way it wont spread. : ) other wise please keep it to you self..
Teen sex: If you love the person, ware a condom and truly mean it then yea. whos gonna stop you anyways? your in love right?
Abortion: if you raped, then yes you can get a abortion. But if you where just dum one da and desided to give sex a wurl then no, you fuck..your outta luck.
Church and State separation: threr is no such thing we like to say threr is but no theres not. and so what fi someoen worships a god? as long as it doesnt hurt me or my feeling or friends then im a okay with it.
Gay Marriage: im all for it. love is love. no if ands or buts. what ever make you happy : )
Bulimia: i have never experenced it or know anyone who has...o i really have no room to sorry.
The current Presidential election: im for karry. kerry is change. bush will keep every thing the same. and i think our contry needs change.

Favs, and Ways:
10 Favorite bands: Dash coff., the postl service, linkin park, SoCo, The starting line, Kill hannah, The early november, The Used , Fall Out Boy, switch foot.
5 Favorite books: The perks o fbeign a wallflower, boy meets boy,The sight, Go ask alice, speak.
5 Favorite TV shows: Wolfs rain, family guy, inyuashia,the news and little bear
5 Favorite movies: Awalk to Reamber, Lion king, Forest gump, The prinesse bride, spirted away.
5 ways you deal with a heartache/break: cry, read, write, draw,and drown in music.

at least 2 pictures:
me and my friend jermey at homecomming.
this is my 9th grade school picure.
this is me when i was like 3...that was my all time favorte dress..

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