Cayla (icepixie_4) wrote in breaks_n_maybes,

Name: Cayla
Birthday: 10/04/90
Age: 14
Location: GC, michigan

Opinions on:
AIDs and other STDs: if you get um, and still want to do stuff. then you shoudl tell the person about it. that way it wont spread. : ) other wise please keep it to you self..
Teen sex: If you love the person, ware a condom and truly mean it then yea. whos gonna stop you anyways? your in love right?
Abortion: if you raped, then yes you can get a abortion. But if you where just dum one da and desided to give sex a wurl then no, you fuck..your outta luck.
Church and State separation: threr is no such thing we like to say threr is but no theres not. and so what fi someoen worships a god? as long as it doesnt hurt me or my feeling or friends then im a okay with it.
Gay Marriage: im all for it. love is love. no if ands or buts. what ever make you happy : )
Bulimia: i have never experenced it or know anyone who has...o i really have no room to sorry.
The current Presidential election: im for karry. kerry is change. bush will keep every thing the same. and i think our contry needs change.

Favs, and Ways:
10 Favorite bands: Dash coff., the postl service, linkin park, SoCo, The starting line, Kill hannah, The early november, The Used , Fall Out Boy, switch foot.
5 Favorite books: The perks o fbeign a wallflower, boy meets boy,The sight, Go ask alice, speak.
5 Favorite TV shows: Wolfs rain, family guy, inyuashia,the news and little bear
5 Favorite movies: Awalk to Reamber, Lion king, Forest gump, The prinesse bride, spirted away.
5 ways you deal with a heartache/break: cry, read, write, draw,and drown in music.

at least 2 pictures:
me and my friend jermey at homecomming.
this is my 9th grade school picure.
this is me when i was like 3...that was my all time favorte dress..

Links to communties you've promoted to-if you didn't promote don't bother.-:
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+ GC, because we suck.
+ Your opnions, and im not going to say anything about your spelling because you're you and thats just how you spell.
+ Kill Hannah, Something Corporate, Fall Out Boy.. damnit, all your bands
+ Your books.
+ You're Cayla and you're pretty.
What's up with people who can't spell, and use correct grammer?
Go to school If your in school, go to a better one. No.

If you ever went to our school, you'd see why were all dumb as fuck.

It's horrible, the teachers don't want to be there so they don't want to help us.

And the ladys in the office are mean, they don't want to be there worse than we do.
That sucks, go teach yourself than. Until than don't apply for things, you look stupid.

I do hope you're not saying that to me, seeing to the fact i've been in the community for quite some time now.
ummm...i hate to blame this on dislexica...but thats what it is. i have a learning disabliy.... it took me 2 hours two fill that out cause i have to think really hard and rewrite alot of things. hate to sound bitchy...but yea...
it doesnt matter what school you went to, your 14, you should know how to spell...i couldnt give less of a fuck about your education. thats not what this community is about.spelling isnt what your "rated" on here. going by musical taste and opinions, i would say yes.

im going to say yes im to lazy to get a stamp im sorry

ur accepted

go promote and vote