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Name: Kenneth Beatty
Birthday: November 11, 1989
Age: 15
Location: Garden City, Michigan.

Opinions on:
AIDs and other STDs:
I don't really know enough about them to have a good opinion. I just hope that there will soon be a cure or something to make living with and STD easier because it seems like a horrible thing to have to go through.
Teen sex: I think that it woud be better for everyone if we waited. Because I doubt most teens are ready to have a child it comes down to that situation.
Abortion: I can't give a straight forward answer on that. There's to many things that would make my opinion go both ways.
Church and State separation: I don't really think that there is a problem. Public schools arent trying to teach us about god and everything.
Gay Marriage: Well, I used to be against it until I discovered that me myself am bisexual. It changes your opinions on it because I still feel like a regular human like everyone else so why shouldnt I get the same rights?
Bulimia: People with bulimia should get help because I think that ANYONE who put's thereselfs through that just to try and look like everyone else doesnt know what they're getting thereselfs into.
The current Presidential election: The election is over? But im not happy with the way it turned out, neither of them should be in office.

Favs, and Ways:
10 Favorite bands:

Taking back Sunday
The Used
Straylight Run
Dashboard Confessional
From First To Last
Matchbook Romance
My own band (Summer School Scholars)
5 Favorite books:
Lord Of The Rings 1-3
Harry Potter 1-5
The Giver
The Diary Of Anne Frank
The Da Vinchi Code
5 Favorite TV shows:
Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
That 70's Show,
The Simpsons
Malcom In The Middle
5 Favorite movies:
Remember The Titans
The Shinning
Scream 1
All of the Jason movies
All of the Freddy movies too.
5 ways you deal with a heartache/break:
Go to sleep… duh!
Play my drums.
Listen to music.
Write lyrics for my band.
And sleep some more.



Im not in any other communitys so I promoted in my journal, I hope that's okay.


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