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Name: Kristen Marie Ferrara
Birthday: november seventeenth
Age: fourteen
Location: long island new york.

Ever gotten your heart broken? yes I have.
Ever break a heart? yes, a few.
Ever use or get used by someone? One of my ex's was dating me to get back at his ex girlfriend.
Ever cheat, or get cheated on? I was cheated, My girlfriend was dating my boyfriend behind my back.
Ever been with someone of the same sex? yes.

Opinions on:
AIDs and other STDs: Aids and other Stds are life threatening and I am deadly afraid of them.0
Teen sex:I think teen sex is ok if you love the person you are doing it with and not just sleeping around.
Abortion: I am against abortion unless a girl gets raped, because if you are not responcable enough to have a child you should not be having sex, I know that sort of contredicts what I just said about teen sex but if you can't support a child then you shouldn't be having sex.
Church and State separation:
Gay Marriage: I am for gay marriage because love is love. Who has the right to tell people that they can't get married because of there gender? how would they like it if a law was passed against heterosexual marriages?
Bulimia: Bulimia is one of the worst ways to try and loose weight because you because un-healthier than you already were and when you stop being bulimic you will gain back all the weight and more.
P.E.T.A.: I am a vegeterian but I think alot of the things that peta does are wrong.
AIM typing ex: lyke dis; brb g2g ttyl: g2g and brb don't annoy me as much as other text type, but I am a grammer elf and I hate bad grammer.

Favs, and Ways:
10 Favorite bands: the used, The cure, hellogoodbye, thursday, the blood brothers, hawthorne heights, hidden in plainview, halifax, saves the day, and The postal service.
5 Favorite books: go ask alice, Boy meets boy, define "normal", the fearless series, and the RENT bible.
5 Favorite TV shows: I don't really watch all that much tv but QAF and video IQ.
5 Favorite movies: Napolean dynamite, But I'm a cheerleader, Rocky Horror Picutre show, CAMP, and the breakfast club.
5 ways you deal with a heartache/break: I islolate myself in my room, sit around listening to music all day, Play my guitar, Write, and I take long walks to clear my head.

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