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Name: Sammy , Sam , or Samantha choose out of the three
Birthday: december 4th
Age: 14
Location: enn jay

Ever gotten your heart broken? yes.. it was very very upsetting
Ever break a heart? unfortunetly yes
Ever use or get used by someone? next used but have been used and the sad thing is they admitted it to my face to
Ever cheat, or get cheated on? ive been cheated on but never really cheated
Ever been with someone of the same sex? nope

Opinions on:
AIDs and other STDs: honestly i think AIDS was a man made discease to decrease the population in the us but now that its spread they cant do anything about it. my opninion on STDS is that most teenagers send most of their lives in highschool learning about them and yet the highest persentige ( didnt spell that right) of people with stds is teens
Teen sex: this might bad to some but when your ready your ready and when your not your not dont get pressured into something you dont want to do to make a guy like you
Abortion: i dont think abortion should be illegal if a mother does not want her child then she doesn't have to keep it
Church and State separation: its wrong to put prayer in school if you want pray in school then send your kids to church or temple for school
Gay Marriage: its compelety ok when your in love your in love it shouldnt matter if your the same sex or not
Bulimia:i dont have much to say about bulimia other then i dont like it very much
P.E.T.A.: im sorry i dont know what that stands for :/
AIM typing ex: lyke dis; brb g2g ttyl: i think that when you first get aol or aim your like in love with it by after a while it just gets annoying my best friend talks to me like that even when we speak on the fone shell be like LOL omg thats sooooo funny like actually say the letters o m g .. its strange.. haha

Favs, and Ways:
10 Favorite bands: taking back sunday, senses fail , hawthrone heights, my chemical romance, matchbook romance, hawthrone heights,silverstien,dashboard confessional, brand new,from autuam to ashes
5 Favorite books: perks of being a wallflower,they cage the animals at night,the things they carried,cut,gossip girl ( i read very different books)
5 Favorite TV shows: degrassi , family guy, friends , clone high ( does anyone remember that show?), sex in the city
5 Favorite movies: eternal sunshine of a spotless mind,garden state,thirteen,the breakfeast club,mean girls
5 ways you deal with a heartache/break:write poetry, play guitar,sing,write in my journal,draw

at least 2 pictures:title or description
title or description

uugh bad pictures of me sorry

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